A Day at the Beach: iBook and Tactile book

Just in time for summer! Are you planning a beach trip? Here is a great beach experience book for young readers. The book talks about many of the sights and sounds that are experienced at the beach. Whether you are planning a trip, want to re-experience your trip or just wishing for a day at the beach, this book is for you! The predictable wording in this book supports young readers. 

Download the accessible A Day at the Beach iBook here. Open the book in iBooks, a free app available for iOS devices and Apple computers. For students who use a refreshable braille display, mute VoiceOver (M Chord to mute) and read the book in braille.

This book was created and shared by Lindsey Lanier, a student at the University of North Carolina, as part of a class project. Lindsey also created a tactile version of this book. Interested in creating your own tactile version? See images of Lindsey's pages below. Lindsey purchased all of the tactile materials at Michael's craft store. Gold fine sparkle paper used to represent the sand texture. Rippled foam paper used to represent water. Large sparkle paper used to make fish and represent scales. Seashells, feathers, sand dollars, and starfish were used. Each book has the braille sentence(s) at the top of the page and the textured images below.

Title Page: Blue wrinkled-textured sky with silver sparkle waves.

Sparkled textured paper representing the sand with four real shells glued on top.

Blue wrinkled textured paper cut into waves

Bird feathers in the shape of a bird with two 'googlie' eyes and a beak.

Blue wrinkle-texture representing water with multi colored circle sparkle texture cut into the shape of a fish; googlie eye on fish.

Sparkle paper representing the sand with a real star fish and sand dollar glued on top.

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Posted by Diane BraunerJun 23, 2020

I am wondering why the eBook for “A Day the the Beach” only loads the text title and nothing else when I open it in Books on my iPad.

Posted by Diane BraunerJun 23, 2020

When you select the Day at the Beach link in the post, it will go to your downloads file. When you select it again from the downloads file, it will open in iBooks app (now called Books). The way Books app opens the book, the main part of the screen says Chapter 1 untitled. There are page thumbnails that run along the bottom of the screen. To access the first page with VoiceOver, touch the bottom left corner and double tap. (You can also right swipe to it, but it takes a bunch of right swipes!)  Once you open the first page, a two-finger swipe down will read the book.

Note: A student created this book and included pictures; however, she did not include alt text for the pictures.

FYI: There is another beach book available on Paths to Technology, called The Beach. When you turn the page on this simple book, there is an automatic video clip that is associated with the text and picture. Example: “I listen to waves” page has the sound of waves hitting a beach. With this book, when the VoiceOver focus is on the text,  I suggest using a three finger swipe left to turn the page. This way, VoiceOver reads the text and the audio clip automatically begins. If you want to use a refreshable Braille Display, the text appears on the Braille Display (M Chord will mute VoiceOver speech, so the student has to read the braille.) The audio clip provides a fun clue to what is on the page.