CVI and Assistive Technology

I recently presented on AT and CVI for Perkins CVI Now.  Assistive technology for children with CVI is a personal passion area of mine. Unfortunately, there is very little research or writing on this topic. Through my work with students I have tried to compile my own best practices based on sound understanding of brain based visual impairments in the field. Due to the lack of discussion on the topic, it is important for assistive technology specialists to share out what they have learned about using assistive technology with this population. While AAC devices can be very important tools for some students, it is important to think about a wide range of assistive technologies for learners with CVI. Most importantly, IT ALL STARTS WITH ASSESSMENT. I would love to hear in the comments ways other practitioners have had success using assistive technology with students with CVI.

Recording of the live virtual event, CIV and Assistive Technology (AT) is originally available on the new Perkins CVI Now website.

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