Creating tactile graphics and embossed braille using a Cricut

A Cricut Maker is a smart electronic cutting machine designed for home crafters. It is a computer-controlled machine used for cutting paper, felt, vinyl, fabric, leather, matboard, wood and other materials. Many TVIs and/or educators are creative by nature, so naturally, these crafty educators are using hobby tools to create wonderful tactile resources for the classroom. 

There is a Facebook group for TVIs who are using Cricut Makers - "CricuTVI". These amazing educators share resources and ideas of how they use the Cricut to support their VI instruction. Through this Facebook page, CleverSomeday's video tutorials have been shared. Kay (CleverSomeday) has spent significant time figuring out ways to use the Cricut to create wonderful tactile resources for students who are blind or low vision. Check out her following three videos:

In the first video, CleverSomeday shares her technique for embossing card stock with a Circut. This is a stencil based technique that produces flat embossing (as opposed to line embossing).


The next CleverSomeday video is a tutorial on embossing with the Cricut - Folder Style - using the Debossing Tip in the Circuit Maker.


In the the third video, CleverSomeday shares how to emboss braille lettering with your Cricut in this step-by-step tutorial.

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