Creating Student Portfolio Webpages for VI and O&M Using Adobe Spark Page

When students with visual impairments attend school, their needs are different from the general population in several areas. As students transition into different grades, among different teachers, or from high school into adulthood, it is important to create a portfolio to highlight their strengths and needs. 

Here is a sample outline by Edith Ethridge for a Vision Portfolio.

Here is a sample Outline created using elements of the VI portfolio here.

Medical Information

  • State your eye condition
  • Vision Devices
    • State the name of the vision devices that you use (ex. eyewear, optical devices, technology, etc.)
  • Advocacy Skills
    • State your visual abilities and needs
  • Resources
    • State Agencies and other vision resources helpful for your transition    

Personal Vision Statement 

  • Near and distant tasks
    • State how you access tasks up close and at a distance
  • Visual Needs
    • State the tools that you use to get your work done (ex. Print size, technology, bold line paper, bold pen, lighting, etc.)

Requesting Needs

  • State what you need to complete tasks (work and academic)

Examples of vision statements:

I am a visually impaired student. These are some of the things that I will need to accomplish tasks. 

  • A large print copy (minimum 16 point) of any work or assignments on the board or overhead
  • Seating close to activities (state how many feet)
  • Sighted Guide
  • Technological devices
  • Glasses, bold pens, monocular, magnifier

Insert a sentence using the exact font size and boldness of font that you require

State which eye is your dominant eye or what you can see with your eyes.

Adobe Spark Page

One way to create a sharable webpage/online portfolio is to use Adobe Spark Page. 

You can create a free Adobe Spark account here.

The following is a video on how to create a Adobe Spark Page using a Computer.

The following video is how to create a Adobe Spark Page using the iOS app.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Student safety is key. Students should refrain from including personal information such as Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. It would be best to use first names only. If including Video or Photos, makes sure to have parental permission.
  2. Include video clips of students (if allowed by your school district) using VI tools in class, students accessing their environment in the community using their cane, or student interviews for example.


 The Spark Pages are not searchable online, therefore the links can be directly shared with individuals. Use extreme caution when posting links online on Social Media. 

How Transition Portfolios Can Be Used

  • To share with teachers and educational staff
  • To share at a workplace
  • To share with colleges
  • To share with summer program coordinators

How would you use Spark Post with your students and clients?  Please leave a comment below to share your ideas!