Creating Accessible Word Docs & PowerPoints: Teacher Resource

Our students are successfully using technology in the classroom.  General education teachers are creating and using Word documents and PowerPoint presentations as teaching tools in the classroom.  Do you - a teacher of the visually impaired - create accessible digital materials?  Do your general education teachers know how to create accessible materials for low vision students and students who use a screen reader?  Here are some quick resources to guide you and share with your general education teachers on how to make accessible digital materials.  

Teachers of the Visually Impaired Hint:  Provide training to your general education teachers so that these teachers can create their own accessible materials!  Most teacher-created digital materials should not need modification from the TVI.  Share these handouts with your general education teachers.

The following handouts came from the Creating an Accessible Materials workshop by Diane Brauner.

Creating Accessible Word Documents

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Instructions on Adding Alt Text

Creating an Accessible Table

Accessible Materials Resources (Posts on Paths to Technology)

Collage of Creating Accessible Word Docs & PowerPoints