Clothing Choices for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Over the past few the years, great strides have been made to ensure that all people, regardless of disability, have access to quality clothing. There have always been products available that help the visually impaired identify the clothes in their closet. APH has tags you can attaches to the label of clothing to identify color. There are also many apps you can put on your phone that identify color.  However, today the blind and visually impaired can identify clothes before they get to the closet.  

Two Blind Brothers, a non-profit company, makes clothing that can be identified from the label and the braille color word is on the actual shirt. The material of the shirts is also made to feel softer than your average shirt. The proceeds of each product sold goes directly to help fight blindness. 

Logo for Two Blind Brothers; in Braille, "look" and in print, "Two Blind Brothers"

Individuals are also making a difference. Maria Sol Unga, a designer in Buenos Aires, has designed clothing that includes braille descriptions, and braille tags already sewn into the apparel. To help shoppers choose clothing, she has diagrams in braille available with the outline of the shirt, and a description of the fabric and color. She also designs specifics for clothing, like a cane pocket in a shirt or pants. 

    Dark blue silky short sleeve blouse with raised gold bumps creating a braille label at the bottom, left side of the blouse.

A new type of company has also emerged, making clothes on the market more accessible to buy and wear. The shopping experience starts on an accessible website, such as White Cane Label. They ask you what type of clothes you prefer, then offer suggestions. After purchasing the products, they add the labels and include Braille cards that include washing instructions.

White Cane Label; white print on black background with text, "What Cane Label"

I have been teaching for 24 years, and I think this new trend is amazing. My students have the opportunity to participate in an activity that is a huge part of society.  They can be proud of the fact that they made choices about how they look and be knowledgeable about fashion and trends.

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