Cards for Learning Math: CVI

TVI Lisha Yoch shares how to use the card game War to reinforce the math concepts greater than, less than and equals. Choosing the right deck of cards is important! For students with CVI, choosing a large deck with uncluttered background and high contrast is important. Modifying the deck with tactile stickers, adding a large number in the center, etc. maybe beneficial for some students. Braille readers will need a braille deck. Try different cards to find the best match for your student.

Lisha also set her CVI student up for success by laying the cards on a black background which provides additional contrast without clutter.

Prerequisite Skills

Before playing the traditional game of War, your student should:

  • Identify numbers 
  • Understand the value of numbers 1-10
  • Be familiar with greater than, less than and equals
  • Be familiar with taking turns

Card games are also a wonderful way to reinforce turn taking and socialization - while having fun! Once the student is successfully playing war, invite a peer to play!

Unfamiliar with the card game? Here are War Game Rules.

Lisha suggests initially using the cards 1-10.

In the video below, Lisha and Sadie demonstrate the modifications for CVI students.

This video is available on Lisha Yoch's YouTube channel and on the Seeing Sadie and CVI website. Reposted on Paths to Technology with permission.