BrailleSense Polaris: May 2019 Firmware update

Last week, HIMS released a firmware update for the BrailleSense Polaris. One of the major updates allows an individual to copy a file from the internal storage of the Polaris and paste it into Google Drive directly through the File Manager, and vise versa. Now, students can more efficiently copy and paste files to share with teachers instead of completing a lengthy process to upload files to Google Drive and download them from Google Drive using the Google Drive or Google Docs apps. 

Below are links to the release notes and firmware update from HIMS. 

I recommend completing the firmware update offline because it is completed more quickly and easily. If you update using the internet, make sure you have a strong and reliable internet connection via Wi-Fi.  After completing the firmware update, make sure to use the command Backspace+Enter+Space+F to complete an app recovery. It only needs to be completed once.  Technical Support informed me that if this command is not completed, an individual may have issues using the Google Apps. 

When you initially access Google Drive directly from the File Manager, you will need to sign in to your Google account. Navigate to Allow to view all your files and folders in Google Drive. If you have any issues copying and pasting files to and from Google Drive, you may need to sign out of your Google account through Android System Settings and restart your device. My students and I have had error messages come up saying “insufficient storage,” but this was resolved by signing out and signing back into our Google account being accessed through the File Manager. Please contact tech support if you have any issues accessing Google Drive through the File Manager so any bugs can be fixed. 

Note: In future firmware upgrades, individuals will be able to access files and edit them directly through the File Manager. 

Here is a video demonstrating how to copy and paste files to and from Google Drive directly from the File Manager.  An individual can copy and paste files the same way they do within the Flashdisk of the Polaris. 


Copy – Enter +C

Paste – Enter +V

Use Backspace to navigate between files and folders located in the Flashdisk and Google Drive when copying and pasting files. See the post BrailleSense Polaris: Copying and Pasting Files and Folders for instructions to copy and paste folders and files within the Flashdisk. 


Below is a list of some of the updates that my students found helpful. 

  • In the Word Processor, hot-keys were created to bold, underline or italicize text. You need to first select the text using the command Begin Selection – Enter+B before applying these hot-keys. 
  • Bold – Control +B
  • Italic – Control+I
  • Underline – Control+U
  • In the Word Processor, the multiplication sign for UEB math was corrected.
  • In the Word Processor, a hot key was created to export a file as a braille file.
  • When using the Mobile Screen reader, an individual can activate an edit box in all Google applications (Docs, Drive, etc.). Previously it was very difficult to consistently activate the edit box using Google applications.  


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