Braille Badges: Accessibility-Themed Emojis/Stickers

Emojis/stickers are small digital images used to express an idea or emotion. (More about Emojis and Accessibility post here.) Now there are free accessibility-related emojis! The emojis include simulated braille stickers, dog guide stickers, holiday-themes, braille superhero, animated walking cane and more. Download APH's Braille Badges, iOS iMessage Sticker Set here. Braille Badges is fully accessible with VoiceOver.

Adding Braille Badges

  • Download Braille Badges from the App Store.
  • Open the Messages app.
  • Start a new message or open an existing message thread.
  • There is a row of apps listed just below the textfield where you type in your message. This row of apps is slightly below the middle of the screen. The apps listed and the order of the apps will vary. Swipe through the apps until you find Braille Badges.
  • Open the Braille Badges app.
  • Move the VoiceOver focus to the bottom of the screen (drag to the bottom of the screen) to find the available braille badges/emojis.
  • Drag or swipe to the desired emoji, then split tap or double tap to insert the emoji into the text message.
    • Listen for the earcon (double beep sound) to know that the emoji has been added. 
    • Note: The VoiceOver focus stays on the list of emojis; drag your finger up to find the text field, "Message, add comment or send".
  • To check the emoji and send, right swipe once (to hear the inserted emoji), right swipe again (to delete the inserted emoji) right swipe again (to send text).