Braigo Companion: iOS app that reads the text embedded in a photo

Braigo Companion is a fully accessible free iOS app that can describe photos as well as read the text embedded within the photo. Braigo Companion then translates the document into audio.  Wondering what the 'big deal' is about this app?

Here are a few situations that students with visual impairments and blindness might use Braigo Companion

O&M Uses

  • Accessing restaurant menus
    • Upload via camera option, take a picture of the menu, extract the text and listen to the menu items
  • Signage (road signs, information signs)*
  • Reading the legend on a directory or map (to locate a desired room number or store location)

*Note: Aligning the camera with signage - such as a street sign - might be challenging for students who are unable to visually locate the sign.

Classroom Uses

  • Glean text information from a print document - especially documents with text embedded in images
    • Note: Print documents should be converted to accessible digital documents and shared directly with the student.
  • PowerPoint presentation
    • Note: Ideally, PowerPoint presentations should be created to be accessible and should be shared directly with a student.  Using Braigo to access information on a PowerPoint should be a last resort, as it is not efficient to convert each slide in a presentation.

Note: Pictures within a PowerPoint slide or within a document are NOT described - only the text on the slide is described!  When taking a picture of a computer screen displaying a PowerPoint slide, Braigo will announce, "This is an image of: a picture of a computer screen."

The first pitcure below is of a computer sitting on a desk displaying a text-only PowerPoint slide.  This picture was taken using the Braigo app on an iPhone.Photo of a computer displaying a PowerPoint slide entitled, "Why Teach Screen Magnification Programs"

The next picture is the Braigo screenshot displaying the extracted text from the PowerPoint slide above.  Braigo states:

"This is an image of: a picture of a computer screen.  If we noticed texts in the image then its below:"  This statement is followed by the extracted text.

Note: Braigo extracted ALL of the text, including black text on white and the title which was a low contrast blue text on a black background. The bullets were not extracted.

Screenshot of Braigo app displaying extracted text of the Screen Magnification PowerPoint slide.

Social Uses

  • Social Media
    • A friend shares a picture on Facebook. Use the Braigo Companion app to extract the textual description of the image.



Basic Braigo Instructions 

Initially, open the Braigo app and register.  After the initial registration, you simply sign-in to use the Braigo app.  Selecting the log-in option "Remember Me" will automatically open the Braigo Home page, eliminating the sign-in step.

  • To upload a document/image, from the Upload page, select the Camera option.
    • If the app opens to the Braigo page, select Upload to move to the Upload Page.
    • Your options are: Camera Upload, Photos Upload, URL Upload, Upload Dropbox
  • Select Camera Upload.
  • Position the iPhone's camera on the desired document/image and tap the screen to take the picture.
  • Wait a minute for the image to upload.
  • View the Extracted Text. 

See the steps below for instructions on how to upload a document/image with VoiceOver gestures.

Screenshot of Braigo Upload page.

Facebook Directions with VoiceOver Gestures

  • If you have a second device, simply view the desired photo in Facebook on the second device (can be a computer, tablet, smart phone).
  • Using your iOS device, open the Braigo app.
  • Select upload button.
  • Right swipe stopping on Camera Upload Button and select.
  • Touch the middle of the screen; VoiceOver will announce, "Camera, double tap to capture image." Double tap.


  • From the desired Facebook post, right swipe stopping on the desired photo and select.
  • Double tap and hold until you hear a tone and the VoiceOver announcement, "Alert save photo".
  • Right Swipe stopping on Save. Select Save.
  • Wait a few seconds for the photo to download.
  • Close with a finger swipe down.
  • Open Braigo Companions app.
  • Select Upload.
  • Select photo upload. 
  • In the Photo app, right swipe first photo in the camera roll (which should be the Facebook picture you just saved) and select.
  • Left swipe to the Done button and select.
  • Wait for image to upload. Right swipe to the name of the uploaded photo (VoiceOver will announce, "img" and a number unless you have renamed the image.)  Select.

More Options 

To view a previously uploaded document or image, select the Menu Button (top left corner) and then My Uploads button.  The My Uploads page contains a list of the previously uploaded images. In the top right corner is the More Options button.

The More Options button has the following options

  • Document info
  • Print
  • Share
  • Rename
  • Public Access (default is Off)
  • Delete
  • Copy to Dropbox

Braigo collage

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