Blindfold Spin & Solve: What just happened?

This is the third blog about Spin & Solve.

While the game itself became quite popular - it was the 2nd most popular game after Blindfold Bowling, many people told me that when the computer picked a letter, and the game told them that letter was used 3 times, they had no idea where that letter was used.

If you are playing Wheel of Fortune on TV, you see each word where the letter was used.  To get that same information from Spin and Solve, you had to swipe down with 2 fingers and listen to each word.  If the word was is "CANDY", and the letters "C" and "N" were already found, the games says "C", blank, "N", blank, blank.  If all the letters were found, the game would say "candy".

I added a feature to the game that whenever the computer picked correctly, it would tell you which word and say the word.

The final step was to add more phrases.  The original version included about 1,200 phrases.  I create bundles of about 2,500 phrases each - for a total of about 12,000 phrases -  that you can buy as an in-app upgrade.  I added the ability to post your winnings to Facebook or Twitter (like in all the other Blindfold Games), and limited the number of turns each player gets, so one player cannot dominate the game.

I'll be using this game as the basis for another game relating to Braille contractions, and that will be in a future blog.

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