Blindfold Games: Educational Curriculum Survey

Over the past 4 years Blindfold Games has created 80 accessible games downloaded by more than 20,000 visually impaired people.  These games range from Puzzle Games to Card Games to Sports Games to TV Game Shows to Board Games to Word Games.  About a dozen of the games are used by TVIs for orientation and mobility practice.

Now, we are looking to take our successful game concept and use it to support the work of teachers of students with visual impairments, orientation and mobility specialists and others who support the educational programs of students with visual impairments.
Our team’s background include the members of Blindfold Games (mentioned above), and the founders of a company that provides comprehensive solutions for the management and regulatory reporting requirements of Special Student Populations, including the IEP (Individualized Education Plan).
We are creating a new company that will provide educational curriculum via games for preK-12 students with visual impairments.  Games will be based on the goals and objectives in each student’s Individual Education Plan, and will record the student’s progress automatically.  We realize IEP goals vary from child to child and are a road map supporting children to achieve their individualized goals. We are confident you’ll find games that will support your students in achieving their goals. All members of the IEP team: teachers, therapists, specialists and parents - will be able to monitor the student’s progress.
We need your input to make this new company a reality.
The games we design will address all areas of the expanded core curriculum. They will be accessible to students who are screen reader users and those with usable vision. A small sampling of topics to be covered by the games include: Sequencing, Memorization, Pattern Matching, Orientation, Grids, Calendars, 100s Charts, Simple Graphs, Rule-based games, Turn-taking, Coordinate Geometry, Arithmetic, Algebra, Grade-level Spelling, and Grade-level Grammar
Our games will be fun and educational. They are based on the feedback thousands of Blindfold Games fans have provided.   Students will be able to enjoy the games on all popular devices: mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, PCs and Macs.
The games will be built as a collaborative effort between game designers and curriculum experts, such as teachers of students with visual impairments, orientation and mobility specialists,  and vision rehabilitation therapists. When using a game, student progress data is stored in a cloud-based infrastructure, easily connected to most IEP systems.
Our plan is to develop and market these educational games as part of a sustainable business that will have a long-term positive impact.

Please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey.  You may be one of the 50 winners of an Amazon gift card.

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