Auditory Speed Reading: From a TSVI's Perspective

Auditory Speed Reading (ASR) is a game-changing method for teaching students who are visually impaired. All are encouraged to take the time to watch this video clip of Rachel Bell who is a teacher of students with visual impairments (TSVI) talking about how she works with her students on Auditory Speed Reading, what is involved and the materials she uses to help students grow in this important area. Rachel carefully monitors her students' rates of reading and comprehension every step along the way. Rachel explains how her students are in many instances ahead of their sighted peers as a result of the increase in processing speed not just with auditory reading but across all areas of her students' lives (e.g., listening to instructions effectively, increase in retention of information, increase in self-confidence, reduction in stress, and even growth in progression of orientation and mobility skills). Rachel emphasizes that notably there is no negative impact on the braille reading rates and comprehension of her students who have learned from this ASR method. In fact, Rachel notes that after her students warm up with auditory reading activities their braille reading rates and comprehension increased from where the students were prior to using this ASR method. 

This video can be life-changing for so many students who are visually impaired. Take the 17 minutes to check it out! 


Video transcript available here.

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