Assistive Technology: A Student's Perspective

The ECC or Expanded Core Curriculum consists of the knowledge and skills needed by a student with a visual disability to access core content areas. Everyone involved in the life of a student with a visual disability should seek to learn as much as possible about the ECC which is organized into the nine areas listed below 

Nine Areas of the E.C.C.

ECC a Student's Perspective Introduction (first post in this series)

Images of refreshable Braille Display, magnifier, and abacus.

Assistive Technology

Technology needs are unique for students with visual impairments. Computers and tablets can have accessibility options tailored to an individual student’s needs regarding contrast, text size, magnification, etc. Keyboards can be adapted with large print letters and/or tactile indicators. Some technology is designed specifically for students with blindness, like braille notetakers and screen reading software. 

“I've always felt that technology can be used to our benefit and should be used to our benefit.” - Deepak Chopra


Use the Apple Books app to access books. Or use directions found here at the Apple Support website to read and take notes on an iPad.

For more note taking apps on the iPad view this article on the Paths to Technology website.

The ECC: A Student's Perspective Introcution post.

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