Apple Shopping Guide 2016

You are in the market for a new phone, tablet, or computer, but which one do you get? Do you get the new one with all of the latest features, or do you get the old one and save yourself a few hundred dollars. Too often, a sales person will try to up sell you and try to get you to spend more money than is needed. In this post, I will be giving you my honest opinions on what Apple products one should consider. In the end, it’s all up to you to decide.

The iPhone is Apple’s bestselling product, and probably one of the hardest to determine its obsolescence. If I were to sell you a phone, I would tell you to consider the iPhone 5s, 6, or the soon to be added, the iPhone SE. Why that range you might ask? Why not the 6s? I have had the opportunity to try out the 6s, but just don’t see the need to spend an extra 100 for the features on the phone. In 2013, Apple unveiled the 5s (as well as the 5c, but this one is not on my recommended list) with the A7 processor and M7 co-processor. With the A7, the iPhone started operating 64-bit applications. Since then, app developers have chosen to operate at this new standard. Though there are still apps that run at the 32-bit architecture, most likely, ones you may desire will no longer be compatible with your device. If you are serious about health and fitness, but not willing to purchase a dedicated fitness device, then the iPhone is a great device for you. With the M7 and up, your iPhone can track your steps and distance, and displays it nicely in the health app.

The iPad is one of the best known as well as one of the bestselling tablets. Which one would work best for you? If you are a very heavy user, email, documents, presentations, etc. I would recommend the iPad Air 2, soon to be released iPad Pro 9.7”, and if you are willing to spend the extra, the iPad Pro. With the iPad Air 2 and up, a user can do split screen multitasking, picture in picture, and many other useful productivity features. As mentioned in previous posts, the iPad Pro does exactly the same thing, but the only difference is that it’s bigger. If you are not a power user, then you may be fine with either the iPad Retina, or the regular iPad Air. Both of these devices still work great, with snappy performance, and great reliability.

As I have mentioned before, I really like the iPad Mini, with the slimmer form factor, and sleek design. In this list, I would honestly just recommend the iPad Mini 3. This device is right in the middle of the Apple iOS support list. Why shouldn’t I just get the 4th you may ask? The 4th is exactly like the 3rd, just with a faster processor. Yes faster is better, but how much are you willing to spend on just a few seconds difference in app launch and boot times. Again, if you are a heavy user, then maybe the 4th is where you would do best, but the average American would do fine on the 3rd.

The iPod touch is probably one of my most favorite products. Before I had an iPhone, the iPod was able to do everything I could ever want it to do. However, considering Apple is about to kill support for the 5th, I would recommend the 6th gen. This device is just like the iPhone 6, but just without the ability to make a phone call, larger display, and access a cellular data connection. I am so glad that Apple is keeping this product alive, because the iPod is a great product for those who are just not quite ready for a smartphone.

Finally, the Mac. This product would have to be one of the hardest ones to determine. The latest Mac Pro has a sleek, and attractive design, but comes at a pretty price. The only people who would truly need this product would be those who do heavy processes such as video editing, programing, and audio editing. If you are one of those types of people, then it would probably be best for you to purchase the 2013 model. If you are not a power user, then this product is not for you. This is where the iMacs come into play. If you require a desktop Mac, then you would be fine with the Retina iMac.

When considering the MacBook lines, the 2012 MacBook pro is my favorite for multiple reasons. First, it has an optical disc drive, which is no longer present on the latest Macs, it can be customized, and finally, it’s cheaper. All the newest model really possesses is a retina display, and a barely noticeable faster processor. If you are not looking for fast performance, and just want something for entertainment or casual browsing purposes, then the MacBook air is going to be your best bet. With this product, I will suggest the latest model that offers great battery life, and a great screen to take in all of that media you enjoy. As stated before, this is not the product for those who are heavy computer users.

What do you think of this list? What factors, maybe price or use, would cause you to lean toward one version or another? Do you think this is a fair list? I would love to hear your opinions.


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