App Review: Blind Abilities

As my secondary students approach the age of 21, I am exposing them to more and more apps and resources that they will need to live full, high quality lives as the technology they need to access their world changes.

One of the ways I am teaching them to stay up on the ever-changing world of technology to support their visual needs is by downloading the app “Blind Abilities,” which shares podcasts that discuss the latest in technology to support people with visual impairments. 

With it’s Voice Over capabilities, users can easily scroll from top to bottom of the featured content to find the latest media that supports their interest and needs. From topics on Disability Rights, iPhone, Mobility, Career and Assistive Technology, etc., each episode features a guest specializing in a specific area that relates to living in our modern sighted world.

Besides this app being a platform to share the collection of lifestyle related content for people with visual impairments, it also offers the user Audio and Text transcription of the podcast content that the consumer can read with magnification software support or listen with VoiceOver.

As our students prepare to live in a sighted world, it is so fantastic to see that the Blind Abilities App has been created for my students to begin to learn how to make the best choices for their access needs as they approach college and/or future employment.


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