Announce Calls

We thought we had seen all of the features iOS 10 had to offer. Today, with the release of the GM version (Gold Master), I was shocked to find out about a few new features. In this short post, I want to tell you about one of these features in particular. I feel as if this will greatly benefit those with visual impairments.

What is this new feature? It is called “Announce Calls.” What does it do? It basically accomplishes what the name implies. When enabled, you can have it speak the name of the person who is trying to get in touch with you. I have tried it out, and it works tremendously!

How do I activate it? First of all, you must be running iOS 10 which will be available to the public on September 13thA little note: Apple tends to seed updates at about 12:56 PM EST or 9-ish on the west coast. Once you have updated, you will need to navigate to the phone tab which can be found within “Settings”. You will then find the option for “Announce Calls” as the second option in the phone menu after “My Number.” From there, you have the choice to have that information output always, when headphones are connected, or when your CarPlay enabled car is within range. Once you have selected the desired output device, you’re done!                                       

Because of the accessibility possibilities of this feature, I wanted everyone to be aware of it so that when they update, they can take advantage of it right away. Are you excited for iOS 10? Do you plan to update? If not, what is holding you back? I bet all who have tested it can vouch for how great it truly is. I will try to put out my summary post of the Apple iPhone/Apple Watch press conference soon. Stay tuned!

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