Adapting a Floor Plan Using You Doodle App

About the App

You Doodle comes as both a paid app for the full version, or can be downloaded for free. While the free version does not have as many features as the paid full version, it had all the features I needed to adapt this floor plan. The app allows the user to upload pictures from their camera roll, facebook, Instagram, other apps, etc. It also allows the user to open the camera and take an image in the app. The user can then erase, draw on, fill in, and stamp on their image among other things. 


 Create a visual map for a student with low vision to preview the first two routes they travel every morning, homeroom (110) to the library and library to the gym. 

What I did

  • I first uploaded the image of the floor plan into the app.

Photo of black and white fire escape school map.

  • I then erased all of the labels in the app. In order to erase some of the words and numbers in smaller areas, I zoomed in using two fingers. I also adjusted the size of the eraser that I was using.

Photo of basic map - outlines of halls and rooms with all extra labels erased.

photo of basic map zoomed to make it easier to erase numbers and labels.

  • I then erased the entire area that was the gym, library, and room 110. This allowed me to then use the fill tool to select a different color for each area.
  • Next, I added text labels for the three rooms that I had highlighted.

Screenshot of map with Gym, Library and room 110 highlighted and labeled and routes; Menu on right side displaying color and font options.

  • I then used the brush tool to draw the two routes onto the map.
  • Finally, I saved the image to my camera roll which allowed me to share it with the student electronically as well as print the image out to have a hard copy. 

Final annotated map with routes and specific rooms highlighted and labeled.