Accessible Digital Kindergarten Books

In the past two months, I have made 15-leveled books from the Reading Street program digitally accessible for my dual media student. Each book was made accessible using the Book Creator app on an iPad. I initially scanned pictures from the books to import into the program. However, this was very time consuming. To save time, I took pictures of each page and edited them on the iPad.  Once I had created two different formats for the books, I made a copy of the initial book and edited the words and pictures on each page to save time making the remaining books. By making a copy of the book, the font style and size were already set on each page instead of completing the following steps on each page: add text, adjust the location of the text on the page, adjust the font size, and font style. To make the books accessible for my student who reads both large print and braille, I increased the font size of the print and added alt text for each picture so the student could access the books using Voiceover on her iPad. 

Attached are two books. My student created the book What do you like? with me. She inserted the pictures and recorded audio on each page, while I typed the text she dictated. The second book is from the Reading Street program. 

Download What do you like? ePub

Download Animal Adventure ePub