Accessible Aggravation Board Game

I have so many fond childhood memories of playing board games with family and friends. I also admit that as an adult, I often stay up late into the night playing board games! What about students who are blind or low vision - do they have access to the same popular board games? Unfortunately, most of the classic board games are not accessible for students who are blind or low vision.

Neal McKenzie, an Access Technology Specialist, shares that one of his favorite board games is Aggravation which he frequently plays. Neal was recently talking to a friend who is blind about game recommendations. Luckily for us, that conversation turned to the classic game Aggravation and Neal became obsessed with creating a fully accessible 3D printed version. Neil shared a couple of Aggravation boards with colleagues and the feedback was amazing! Dropping off braille materials to a classroom, Neal walked in to find a student leading a game with 3 other sighted peers! Now that will put a smile on your face!

Here are the game instructions for the 3D printed Accessible Aggravation board Game (complete with a description of the 3D printed board and player pieces):


  • Thingiverse (3D printer instructions)
  • Also on the Thingiverse page are text instructions and even a PDF card that can be printed and run through a PIAF machine with outlined QR codes for both audio and text links. Grade I braille labels are also included.