Accessibility Review of Bedtime Math Website and App

The developers of bedtime math 'want kids to feel about math the way they feel about dessert after dinner.' Bedtime math is a wacky daily math problem that help kids make math a daily habit - similar to a bedtime story reading routine. Free daily problems are available through the Bedtime math website, iOS or Android app, or via email, making it easy for parents to take a few minutes each day with their child to make math fun. Bedtime YouTube videos and Bedtime Math Books are also available.

The daily math activities include an intriguing fun fact (typically in the form of a one paragraph story) followed by math riddles at different levels. The levels are:

  • Wee Ones (preschool)
  • Little Kids (early elementary)
  • Big Kids (older kids)
  • Sky's the limit (a harder challenge offered a few times a week)

Bedtime Math for Teachers

Bedtime Math has teacher resources, including:

  • Parents Count
  • Family Math Night
  • Summer of Numbers Program
  • After-school Math Club (Note: This is intended as an after-school program - Bedtime Math is intended to be recreational!)

Access the teacher resources Here.

Editor's Note: Bedtime Math was created to be used at home with families.

Bedtime Math Website

Access the daily math problems which are located under the Today's Fun Math tab. Once the daily math problem opens, the Reader feature is available on Apple devices. Selecting the Reader will display only the post, eliminating the extra clutter found on the website. 

Note: The same daily math activity is available through the website, app and or email.

Bedtime Math Website link.

Accessibility of Bedtime Math Website

The website is fully accessible with a screen reader with the exception of the post's featured image. That image currently does not have an alt tag (image description). 

The first image below shows the Bedtime Math website with the daily activity. The second image shows the uncluttered daily activity when the Reader feature is activated.

Screenshot of Bedtime Math website displaying daily post and cluttered website side panel.Screenshot of Bedtime Math website displaying only the post - using the Reader Feature.






Bedtime Math App

The Bedtime Math app is available in the  App Store and in Google Play.

The daily math activity is available in the app and there is easy access to previous math activities. The app can be set for English or Spanish.

Bedtime Math App tutorial video below demonstrates app features.


Accessibility of Bedtime Math App

For students with low vision, the app has high contrast and works with Zoom (iOS). Each post has an associated picture; tap on the picture to make the picture full screen. Tap again, and the picture goes back to the normal size. 
Unfortunately, the Bedtime Math App is not accessible with a screen reader.

Bedtime Math YouTube Videos

Teachers, are you looking for motivating activities that are under five minutes to keep your student's math skills sharp? Bedtime Math believes that math should be as much fun as your students' favorite show - so they created intriguing video stories that bring math problems alive! Teachers can use these free videos in class or parents can watch these videos with their child at home.

Accessibility of Bedtime Math YouTube videos

The Bedtime Math YouTube videos are not audio described; however, these professionally-created educational videos are very verbal and include lots of fun sound effects that provide pertinent information. Students who are unable to visually access the videos enjoy the videos and are typically able to fully understand whta is happening in the videos independently or with a quick verbal description. Below are two Bedtime Math YouTube videos.

Bedtime Math: Car Wash of Doom


Bedtime Math: Ninja Training YouTube video:

Go to the Bedtime Math YouTube Channel to view the list of available math videos.

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