Accessibility Overview Workbook Series 4: Dictation

In this workbook series we will learn how to access basic accessibility features on a mobile device running iOS (iPad/iPhone). Today’s lesson will cover section 5 (Dictation).

Open the Notes, WORD, or Pages app. Open a blank document. On the onscreen keyboard, tap on the Mic icon. Dictate a sentence, then tap Done when you are done with your sentence(s). Ex: “I am learning how to use dictation features on the iPad (Period)”.

Here are some of the most helpful commands you can use with dictation – with the command listed first and then the result:  Screenshot of onscreen qwerty keyboard with a red arrow pointing to the dictation button which is located to the left of the space bar.

  • question mark: ?           
  • exclamation point: !
  • underscore: _           
  • comma: ,
  • open parenthesis: (       
  • close parenthesis: )
  • quote: “               
  • end quote: “
  • colon: :               
  • slash: /
  • ampersand: &                   
  • percent sign: %
  • caps on: caps lock on       
  • caps off: caps lock off
  • cap: capitalize next word   
  • new line: insert new text line
  • new paragraph: begin new paragraph   
  • space bar: type a space

iOS Advice shares "How to Get the Most Out of Siri Dictation" video below:


Dictation Worksheet

Dictate the following sentences into the Notes app:

The dog ran and barked loudly.

Watch out for that car!

You can purchase 1, 2, or 3, apples.


I watch ABC and NBC to get news updates.  

The menu includes the following:  Hotdogs, Hamburgers, sausages, baked beans.  

The teacher exclaimed, “Congratulations! You made the honor roll!”

Download the Dictation Worksheet here.

Commands to Start/Stop Dictation

The VoiceOver focus must be on the textbox and in edit mode (blinking cursor) before activating dictation.

  • Gesture: 2 Fingers Double tap
  • Refreshable Braille Display: Dot 1 + Dot 5 + Dot 6 + Space
  • Bluetooth Keyboard: VO + -

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