Accessibility Overview Workbook Series 3: Siri

Now Let’s learn how to use Siri!

In this workbook series we will learn how to access basic accessibility features on a mobile device running iOS (iPad/iPhone). Today’s lesson will cover section 4 (Siri).

To access the settings for Siri:

Please note!  The settings and features available for Siri depend on the iOS that you are running.  Newer features are found on devices running iOS 12 and above.  

Settings→Siri (& Search)

(Based on the iOS that you are running, you might have to turn on Siri.)

Make sure the following settings for Siri are Toggled On:

  1. Allow “Hey Siri”/Listen for “Hey Siri” (This setting requires voice training).
  2. Press Home for Siri (already configured for iOS 5-11).
  3. Access when Locked (Allow Siri When Locked)
  4. Language:  English (United States)
  5. Siri Voice:  You can use a Male or Female’s Voice for Siri.  You can also set an accent of your choice (Ex. American, British, etc.)
  6. Voice Feedback: (Always on)
  7. My Information (Make sure it is updated and accurate in Contacts)
  8. Optional Settings on newer operating systems:  Suggestions in Search, Look Up, Lock Screen.

Let’s practice using Siri!                                    

Please note!  Some of the results for Siri will require VoiceOver to be turned on to get specific information such as the entire weather forecasts for the week. 

Text, "What can I help you with?"


How do you access Siri?




Now practice having Siri perform the following functions (write the answer under the function where applicable):


“Is it going to rain today?”



“What is the weather for this weekend?”




“Where am I?”



“Where is the nearest McDonald’s?”



“Where is the nearest ATM?”



“I need directions to….”

“Give me directions to the nearest Mexican restaurant.”

“How do I get home?”

“Take me home.”

“Give me walking directions to….”


“What is the Square Root of 100?”



“How many cups are in 20 Ounces?”



Jokes and Fun

“Tell me a joke.”

“How old are you?”

“What is your favorite color?”

“What is your favorite animal?”


Launch an App using Siri

Perhaps you can say “Launch Notes” or “Launch Calendar”.  

How to create a calendar event with Siri

1.    Press and hold the Home button or say “Hey Siri” on your iPhone or iPad to launch Siri.

2.    Say something like "Schedule a meeting/appointment/call with Lisa at 3 p.m. tomorrow".   Siri will use the people in your contacts to set specific appointments by the name of the individual.  Siri will confirm what he/she heard and ask you to confirm. Tap or say Yes/Confirm/Cancel to set an action.

Download the Siri Worksheet document here.

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How do you plan on using Siri with your students and clients?

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