06: A Tiny Device to Control iOS Devices

The 06 is a tiny, round Bluetooth device that can be used to navigate and interact with your iOS device instead of VoiceOver gestures. This small device is designed to be one-handed and can actually be controlled with one or two fingers. The 06 is designed to be 'eyes-free' for users who are busy driving or walking and for users who are visually impaired who might be struggling with VoiceOver gestures or who want to easily control their iOS device remotely. The 06 is a new operating system that uses your sixth sense - the sense of touch- hence the name '06'.  It has two buttons and a rotating dial; users have the ability to press one to three times, hold and rotate; or use a combination of these commands. The 06 is a durable, wearable device made out of lightweight aluminum, textured parts and ridged rubber for an easy grip. (Read more about the 06's physical description in the AppleVis 06 review here.)

The 06 has a basic mode and a more advanced mode; there are numerous commands in the advanced mode. The 06 is fully compatible with VoiceOver.

06 with text pointing towards related areas on the 06, ' Textured dial and buttons' and 'Anodized aluminum casing"

View the 06 for the Visually Impaired Accessibility Video Here.

How can YOU use the 06 with students? Please share ideas and experiences on how the 06 may be beneficial in the classroom. Have you tried the 06 with students who have limited hand/finger control?

Jennifer, with the Cane and Compass, shares her experiences of using the 06 during O&M lessons. (View the Let's Get Technical! An O&M's Guide to the 06 Bluetooth Remote article here.)

Below is a short video clip demonstrating the commonly used 06 Action commands.

Learn more about the 06 used as a mainstream device here.

Learn more about the 06 Accessibility here.


Posted by Diane BraunerMar 21, 2018

There are so many cool devices avaialable - we'd love to hear what you and your students think of these devices and how you use them!