06 Smart Bluetooth Remote

After reading about the O6 here on the Paths To Technology blog, I decided that it would be worth a try. I asked my supervisor to purchase the 06 last school year. My intention was to use it with a student that has a cognitive disability and has had a hard time learning VoiceOver gestures. 

Once the O6 arrived, I eagerly connected it to the iPad via Bluetooth (BT connection directions here). The 06 has an app that accompanies it. The app is mainly used to turn the device on, adjust settings (including advanced settings), and more (see video below). The O6 device takes a bit of a learning curve while using Voiceover including demonstrating how to turn the dial one click at a time to toggle between apps, make selections, etc.  My student was automatically intrigued by the O6 during the first lesson. I had to orient her to the dial, which included explaining how the rim on the outermost portion of the dial feels different (a pointier edge), there are a set of bumpy lines just below the rim which go in a circular pattern, then the center of the circle has concentric circles. Once my student was instructed on a lesson on how to use the O6 with the iPad, she was motivated to learn more. One way that I have actually built the use of the O6 into a lesson is by creating a “What is your favorite?” Google form activity. The form includes questions such as “What is your favorite day of the week?” and "What is your favorite color?”

Screenshot of 06 Practice Google forms worksheet with the question What is your favorite day of the week? and multiple choice answers.                   

Learn how to create a Google form here.

My student has been using the O6 for several weeks now and she is motivated to complete the Google form questions so that she can use the smart remote to access a leisure activity on the iPad, which is listening to music on YouTube.

Check out the video below to see the O6 in action!

In what ways would you use the O6 Remote with your students? Please share below!


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