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Add an iPad to your Functional Vision Assessment/Learning Media Assessment Kit

"Hello Mary, Unfortunately, it's been a while since I've worked with older kids so I can't really make any good suggestions for them.  One way to tackle finding some good apps might be to Google... read more
- Annette Vinding
, Apr 05, 2016

Why My iPhone has Convinced Me to Start learning UEB

"Hi all, As a life long Braille reader I have not found the transition to be that difficult. Thought I used the Hadley Institute course on transitioning to UEB, I think I could have gotten by with... read more
- jfarina
, Apr 02, 2016

Kaleigh's Favorite Apps

"Elijah, What are you doing with all that space and how much have you used so far? KaleighJRain"
- KaleighJRain
, Mar 31, 2016
"Elijah, If you want more space then you will have to pay for it with Drive or any other Cloud. 3TB is great storage for external or Cloud, but I prefer using Cloud storage more. You can access a... read more
- KaleighJRain
, Mar 31, 2016

Tech Recipe: Listen to Your Writing

" Hi Peggy,   Are you able to add "Speak" to Quick Access Toolbar? Let's test if you can add the clickable icon in the quick access toolbar (from read more
- Jessica McDowell
, Mar 31, 2016
"Question about setting up speech on a PC running Mcrosoft Word. I am following the video and attempting to set up the speech. I pull down the menu, select more commands, and look for Customize... read more
- Peggy Scholl
, Mar 30, 2016

BrailleNote Touch: Android braille tablet

"Hi, I heard a podcast from humanware representatives on this unit. While I think it may be a good step, one of the things I always think of with these all in one units is if one part of the device... read more
- jfarina
, Mar 29, 2016

Pages App for iOS

"Hi there, do you have a way to easily spell check documents using voiceover with pages? I have been trying to figure it out for a bit and even as an assistive technology instructor have not found a... read more
- jfarina
, Mar 24, 2016