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iPhone SE Review

"Hi Christina, All iPhones have built-in accessibility features, including VoiceOver - Apple's screen reader.  Yes, the iPhone SE works beautifully with VoiceOver!  Since you are already familiar... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Jan 11, 2017

Tips for Young Students Learning to Use a Screenreader

"Lillian, welcome to vision field!   The Paths to Technology website is full of teaching resources.  More posts are being added daily! Suggested Sections on Paths to Technology Starting with... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Jan 09, 2017

Becoming a Hi-Tech Orientation and Mobility Specialist

"I shared your question with colleagues - here are the responses: Watch the free webinars and tutorials on the TSBVI and Perkins websites will help increase VI knowledge.  - Marcy Perkins has a... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Dec 21, 2016

How to use Apple Pay on the web with Safari in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

"Posted by Govind Dheda How to Use Apple Pay Mobile Update article with video. "
- Diane Brauner
, Dec 19, 2016

Braille Bricks: Braille LEGOs!

" - Posted on behalf of Braille Bricks 12/14/16 Hello Diane! Great to hear this from you, thank you for your feedback.  Unfortunately, they're are not being sold. :( We've made a few pieces to... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Dec 14, 2016
"I have not heard about any new information concerning the availbility of Braille Bricks.  I have sent an email to the company (12/13/16)  asking for the status.  I will certainly share any new... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Dec 13, 2016

How to a Post on Paths to Technology: STUDENT

"You are certainly welcome!  If you have any trouble posting, contact me at "
- Diane Brauner
, Nov 29, 2016

Voting Options for Students with are Visually Impaired or Blind

"Hello all, In New York we do not have a standard system for accessible voting for people who are blind/visually impaired. Each county purchases the machine of their choice. this makes the voting... read more
- John Farina
, Nov 21, 2016