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Contraction Magic: A Bewitching Way of Teaching Braille Contractions

"The Orbit Reader has loud clicking sounds as the pins move up and down. I thought this would be annoying but my second grade student said it is an electronic alligator sneaking around. My student... read more
- Jessica McDowell
, Jan 10, 2020

Editing using the Orbit Reader 20 and iPad

"Hi! One of my students uses an Orbit Reader 20 and his teacher is asking if/how he could enter his answers to Google doc worksheet questions independently right in the Google doc. Is this possible?... read more
, Jan 08, 2020

How to Use VoiceOver For Beginners

"Thanks for this. Of course, the increasing popularity of iPhone raises questions, like how accessible is it for people with disabilities? Through school and beyond, as a totally blind student, I... read more
- MosesJohn
, Dec 26, 2019

Student Christmas Gifts

"Make your own holiday-themed tic-tac-toe board. Materials: Small cloth draw string bag (jewelry bag) 5 tiny wooden ornaments (2D balls) 5 tiny wooden Christmas trees (2D) Washi tape or... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Dec 17, 2019
"Dollar Tree has whack-a-pack balloons 4/$1. They look like KoolAid packs that inflate; when hit with the fist, things inside pop out. Strings are included and kids like to decorate their canes by... read more
, Dec 17, 2019
"I create an accessible activity book to do over break. This takes time, but is inexpensive or free. I like to think that my kids are doing something other than playing video game sor sitting around... read more
, Dec 17, 2019

Code Jumper: Accessible Programming

"APH Update: "Code jumper will be available for sale in January! As part of the Code Jumper package, APH has developed 19 lessons for teachers to use in their classroom planning. Each lesson includes... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Dec 06, 2019

Seeing AI iOS App: Recognizing People, Objects and Scenes

"Seeing AI is now available in Dutch, French, German, Japanese and Spanish! Details about Seeing AI updates here! "
- Diane Brauner
, Dec 05, 2019