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How Tinted Glasses Help My Light Sensitivity

"Hi,   So what are the steps to acquiring tinted glasses? I have been going to my opthalmologist for dry eye and I do have light sensitivity(indoor light, the sun hurts, technology screens) and I get... read more
- V__
, Apr 23, 2020

CVI-Friendly Videos: Resources for Students with CVI

"Alissa, the author of these books said that she will send directions - as soon as she can find the time. In the meantime, she shared that the videos are created as PowerPoint Presentations with... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Apr 23, 2020

Six Cool Games that can be Played on Zoom

"Such an awesome find Teresa!  I went onto the site to check it out and it is really chock-full of educational content for students.  I will certainly look into it more and check to see how... read more
- Ericka
, Apr 21, 2020
"Erica, thanks for sharing. I want to share with you a website called QUIZIZZ ( Quizizz is a site that offers formative assessments that are played in a game format making them fun. ... read more
- Teresa.Martin-B
, Apr 21, 2020

Inaccessible vs. Accessible PDFs: Making All PDFs Accessible!

"Hi Kate, Yes, Voice Dream Reader has extensive options. There are two ways to view in VDR. Plain Text (text only with font, size, spacing and many advanced visual settings) and Original Layout (... read more
- Jessica McDowell
, Apr 21, 2020
"Super helpful.  Thanks for another great video.  I really like both apps.  For students struggling to see print material or track across the page, I like that the text is highlighted as it is read... read more
- Kate Under GLAS
, Apr 20, 2020

Creating Simple O&M Low Vision Maps with a Little Gloss!

"Thank you so much for this Joseph. I am just downloading the APP now and am really excited to try it out. :)   "
- Brooke
, Apr 21, 2020

School Closures: Emerging Patterns for Students with Visual Impairments

"This was a great post.  Thanks for shining a spotlight on what is currently being done online and at home.   "
- Kate Under GLAS
, Apr 16, 2020