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Novel Effect App Review

"Thank YOU, mfurze, for sharing your TVI knowledge with Novel Effects - we appreciate this app and how much our students with VIB and their sighted peers are enjoying these wonderful stories! "
- Diane Brauner
, Jan 23, 2020
"Ericka! Thanks so much for the great article. I am the Chief of Ed at Novel Effect and a CTVI. I am so happy you are including us in your blog! We love hearing from TVIs and other vision... read more
- mfurze
, Jan 22, 2020
"That is fantastic Teresa! I am looking forward to seeing how this amazing collaboration between APH and Novel Effect evolves.  Thank you so much for bringing the Novel Effect app to my attention. ... read more
- Ericka
, Jan 16, 2020
" The Novel Effect App is amazing.  Being a teacher of the visually impaired,  pictures are no longer a major factor of the story.  Finally, there is a technology that can turn storytime into a real... read more
- Teresa.Martin-B
, Jan 16, 2020

Remote Desktop Computer Lab Management Software

"Remote Desktop Computer Lab Management Software is good and is at par with likes of Teamviewer, R-HUB remote support servers etc. "
- Francis_2020
, Jan 23, 2020

Hidden Resources: Collaborative AT Projects with Universities

"In the CodeQuest video, I stated that the 3D models were 2-3"; the actual dimensions are below.  "
- Diane Brauner
, Jan 14, 2020

Contraction Magic: A Bewitching Way of Teaching Braille Contractions

"The Orbit Reader has loud clicking sounds as the pins move up and down. I thought this would be annoying but my second grade student said it is an electronic alligator sneaking around. My student... read more
- Jessica McDowell
, Jan 10, 2020

Editing using the Orbit Reader 20 and iPad

"Hi! One of my students uses an Orbit Reader 20 and his teacher is asking if/how he could enter his answers to Google doc worksheet questions independently right in the Google doc. Is this possible?... read more
, Jan 08, 2020