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Amazon Fire TV Stick: An Accessibility Review

"My 89 yr old vision impaired father is trying to figure out a streaming device. I found your site and am intrigued with the information on the Amazon Fire Stick. Have you found it is the easiest to... read more
- Jan
, Oct 30, 2019

The Alphabet Sound: iBook

"I am working with a student using a braille display to control an iPad using the Pages and iBooks app. I feel we have a very good foundation of using it with the Pages app but am having problem... read more
, Oct 30, 2019

Ballyland App for the iPad: Teaching Finger Gestures For VoiceOver

"Thanks for the wonderful review! The reported 'glitch' was a supportive design feature, but I'm happy to let you know that we have since updated the app and only a three finger flick... read more
- Sonokids
, Oct 27, 2019

Transitioning to a 504 Plan Before Graduation

"Yes, it is true that most colleges don't require a 504 plan to qualify students for a disability and they will take an IEP.  However, the reason we encourage students and parents to... read more
- pdragula
, Oct 23, 2019

Screen Sharing with Mikogo

"Hi Dana, great question!  The premise of most screen sharing solutions is that whatever the teacher is doing on his/her computer, as long as the screen sharing program is broadcasting (sharing) its... read more
- AllenHHuang
, Oct 23, 2019
"Hello,  If the teacher writes on an interactive whiteboad during class, will it be shared with the student's device (iPad)? If  not, can you recommend a screen sharing program that... read more
- dmlien
, Oct 23, 2019

Objective Ed wins Louis Braille Touch of Genius Award

"Hello, I am interested in being an earlier tester of our “closed-loop” curriculum-based games "
- George Thompson
, Oct 18, 2019

Introducing Accessible Digital Grid and Table

"Math Melodies is now available for Android devices! Here is link to Math Melodies in Google Play. "
- Diane Brauner
, Oct 14, 2019