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Need for National VI/Blind AT standards

"George, do you have a working document to jump start this conversation? Do you want it broken down by grades or grade clusters? Type of vision? Can we invite TVIs (not just bloggers) to jump in?... read more
- Diane Brauner
, May 06, 2019

Teaching Geometry Using Magnetic Tiles

" This is a wonderful CVI activity! "
- Diane Brauner
, May 01, 2019

Seeing the Future: A Proposed Resource for Students with Vision Impairments

"In fact, I think I will make your posts required reading for my high school upper classmen. Thanks again "
- George Thompson
, Apr 30, 2019
"Hello, This is an invaluable resource, I could have used it earlier this semester with my students. I will be sending my email, please keep me abreast of future developments. Thanks, George S.... read more
- George Thompson
, Apr 30, 2019

Announcing the Paths to Technology Newsletter!

"Since its first release, Paths to Technology has listened to viewer requests and reply quickly."
- Susana
, Apr 27, 2019

Lego Braille Bricks

"Several users have asked about the difference between the Lego Braille Bricks and Tack-Tiles. Has anyone compared the two products? Image of three Tack-Tile blocks: red 'ow', white 'in' and blue 'm... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Apr 25, 2019

Using the You Doodle App to Create CVI Accessible Images

"Hello, Are you able to save your creation as a book in ibooks so that the student can read the book on the iPad?   Thanks Janet"
- JAnderson
, Apr 16, 2019

Improved View in MS Word!

"I am glad to see this brilliant post, all the details are very helpful and useful for us, keep up to good work.  "
- annashetty
, Apr 16, 2019