Deafblindness Resources

These resources relate specifically to deafblindness (Scout also provides more general resources about multiple disabilities). Students who are deafblind have unique educational challenges, but there are also organizations, communities, and groups that focus on deafblindness. The resources here include material for parents, teachers, and individuals.

This article offers some simple ways of thinking about sensory landmarks to help reinforce orientation with children. Adapted from Orientation and Mobility for Infants and Young Children, in Understanding Deafblindness: Issues, Perspectives, and Strategies, Volume 2, .

Source: Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI)

This section of the Paths to Literacy site includes an overview of literacy for students who are blind or visually impaired with additional disabilities, including deafblindness. Includes information about instructional strategies, tips for creating books, and more.

Source: Paths to Literacy

A non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with deafblindness throughout the world.

FamilyConnect describes the role of each member of the educational team. There are links to related documents, including strategies for success, the role of the paraprofessional and the TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired).

Source: FamilyConnect for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments

This page describes the essential elements of the IEP, offers checklists of keys points, what to do before, during and after an IEP meeting, a checklist of key points, and advice for keeping educational records.

Source: FamilyConnect for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments

NCDB offers links to articles and other publications on the topic of babies and infants with deafblindness.

Source: National Center on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB)

This site presents specific suggestions for helping preschoolers learn how to zip, button, snap, and fasten.

Source: FamilyConnect for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments