Hear What Educators and Related Service Providers Say About Perkins eLearning Courses

"Understanding the complex visual difficulties of children with Cortical Visual Impairment and enabling intervention is both science and art. The CVI proficiency course (Spring 2021) that I attended through the Perkins e-learning program was right on to this. While the lectures of Dr Roman Lantzy bolstered my understanding of CVI, the interactive assignments with Dr Russell and the exchange of work experiences with co-students added more practical insight to my knowledge. In our country, services for children with vision loss and developmental delays are generally fewer due to limited resources. Besides applying the skills I have learned into my practice, I stay committed to educating and training my community, including parents, eye care professionals, therapists, and policymakers." Deiva
"I am very computer illiterate and I felt overwhelmed at first but quickly became comfortable with the demands on line. I feel the course was very beneficial in my overall understanding and gave me a better insight and new knowledge to make future planning."  Ann 
"The discussion forums were valuable. Classmates came from different professional fields and shared a variety of points of view. The assignments were meaningful and worth spending the time on. They definitely contributed to the learning on the topic." Lauri
"I prefer face to face discussion. This class was the next best thing and gave me an opportunity I would not otherwise have due to limited time and money for travel." Julie
"It was a lot of work but it lead to a lot of learning. I never felt any of it was busy work. The discussion questions and the groups replies were very interesting and helpful. I will definitely be doing some of the CVI webinars. Much of the class was new to me."  SueEllen
"Our school year is only 3 days old, and I've already made/implemented solutions in 2 classrooms that have thrilled the teachers and our AT staff. There is no doubt that this course is very valuable and will definitely make me better at my job."  Tracy
"I feel so much more confident in suggesting ideas and helping our OTs with projects this school year. I am also totally confident constructing solutions for students on my caseload to better access communication devices and other tools used in their daily lives." Holley
"This class was fantastic! I learned so many things that I can use to help not only my students, but many Ot and PT specialists in the buildings were I work….I took my projects into my schools and showed people as soon as I made each." Anonymous
"This class was full of pertinent information that I could apply to my job immediately! I took this class based on a recommendation from a coworker and am so happy that I did! I have already applied what I've learned to help out multiple students, with plans to create even more solutions over the summer and in the future. I was very impressed with the immediate usefulness of the content presented in this class and would recommend it to anyone who works with students with visual impairment and/or multiple disabilities."  Anna
"I love this class. I want to thank you [for] presenting information at a level that made us experienced teachers feel the excitement that we had as new teachers."  Brenda
"I always felt that I did a pretty good job including this within my classroom, but after taking this course I can now see so many more ways."  Susan
"I have to admit that each part of this workshop has put ideas into my head on a daily basis. I find myself reflecting on aspects of the readings, lecture, as well as discussion forum topics during daily activities in my classroom."  Tara
"Watching a lecture and its accompanying videos and being able to go right into my classroom and implement what I have seen and read has been invaluable to me as an educator."  Patricia
"I cannot even name how many ideas I got from reading others posts. I think that was my favorite part of the class. The discussion forums not only gave me some great new ideas but made me feel less crazy. I am glad to know other people struggle with similar issues or feel the same way about certain topics."   Mary
"Excellent course with relevant material. Stretched my assumptions and influenced my daily professional practice. Will definitely help me be a better observer of and advocate for students."  Jessica
"I thought the class overall was well structured, presented ample new material, provided intellectual challenge, but was also manageable within the context of a full-time career and family life. I would absolutely recommend this course to any professional working with students with visual impairment on social skills development."  Amy
"The class was great – I especially enjoyed reading the discussion forums. The eLearning format was very user friendly – I would encourage my peers to take these online courses thru Perkins and will share some of the information with teachers in my region."  Marcy
"It was a rigorous learning experience! The readings you selected were informative. The discussions and webquests were thought provoking and a tremendous learning experience."   Ellen
"I appreciated the well-organized lessons, the easy-to-navigate website, and the timeliness of responses to participant questions of the Perkins IEP course I took in the winter of 2013. I recommend the course to all VI professionals, both to update their knowledge of the IEP process, and to discover your own region's policies and procedures in greater depth. I now speak with greater confidence at IEP meetings, thanks to my increased understanding of the background of Special Ed law that I gained through this course."   Linda
"It was very helpful to get all that information at once! It helped put some of the bits and pieces I knew into a better and greater context."  Vicki
"I gained a lot of valuable information and kept a binder of readings to reference in the future...I look forward to participating in another workshop soon!"  Caterina