Online Class Testimonials: Cortical Visual Impairment

"Awesome to have the cvi guru as an instructor."
— Denise

"Having completed this course I am now going to pursue the CVI endorsement."
— Pamela

"I am very computer illiterate and I felt overwhelmed at first but quickly became comfortable with the demands on line. I feel the course was very beneficial in my overall understanding and gave me a better insight and new knowledge to make future planning."
— Ann

"I loved working with [the TA]!"
— Barbara

"The course was excellent. It is a lot of work to take on during the school year, so I would let people know that. Taking it over the summer was perfect!
The discussion forums were valuable. Classmates came from different professional fields and shared a variety of points of view. The assignments were meaningful and worth spending the time on. They definitely contributed to the learning on the topic.
" — Lauri

"I had a basic knowledge of the subject, but had no proper training until now...the knowledge I gained will support me in my setting from now on."
— Sharon

"[The TA] was just great and responded in a helpful and positive way to all of our writing assignments. [I] appreciated Dr. Roman-Lantzy's personal comments."
— Libby

"One the most up-to-date and professional courses I've ever attended. It is research based, has very useful tools to use and has really improved my confidence in this area. Yes, it was challenging and took up a lot of my spare time but certainly well worth it. I will be recommending that O&M specialists from my office attend the next course."
— Jeremy

"Great class! Everything in it was very useful and timely for me. I happened to be in the process of doing an evaluation while taking this class, and the information I learned was invaluable. It has also completely changed how I approach students who are in Phase III CVI, as I now understand more about that phase."
— Nancy

"Christine Roman = amazing."
— Jess

"It was a lot of work but it lead to a lot of learning. I never felt any of it was busy work. The discussion questions and the groups replies were very interesting and helpful. I will definitely be doing some of the CVI webinars. Much of the class was new to me."
— SueEllen

"A lot of the information I have learned because I have had the privilege of taking a workshop from Dr. Roman previously and my caseload consists of mostly children with CVI however I found the workshop extremely beneficial. It is always good to receive information twice it confirms you know what you are doing! I also did learn new information."
— Tara

Online Learning Consortium award recipient.