Online Class Testimonials: Augmentative-Alternative Communication Strategies for Students with Visual Impairments and Additional Disabilities

"I love this class. I want to thank you [for] presenting information at a level that made us experienced teachers feel the excitement that we had as new teachers."
— Brenda

" Something that I’m learning from this course is that 'less is more'! It is not easy to accomplish for me. I really benefit from examples. The videos you post are excellent and I appreciate them. They help me to understand the concepts."
— Laura

"I always felt that I did a pretty good job including this within my classroom, but after taking this course I can now see so many more ways."
— Susan

"I have to admit that each part of this workshop has put ideas into my head on a daily basis. I find myself reflecting on aspects of the readings, lecture, as well as discussion forum topics during daily activities in my classroom."
— Tara

"It is mind-blowing how much more is possible that I never would have imagined had I not taken this course… It has truly been an eye-opening experience and I thank everyone for sharing their experiences and insights."
— Jane

"I am very excited that I have so many more ideas of how to encourage more communicative exchanges and I am now looking toward incorporating more scripted exchanges during many activities. It has been great to read so many ideas from everyone that I am anxious to try in my class."
— Karen

"Watching a lecture and its accompanying videos and being able to go right into my classroom and implement what I have seen and read has been invaluable to me as an educator."
— Patricia

"I have several students on my case load who are new to me this year. They are lower functioning than anyone I've worked with in the past. I was at a loss as to what to do with these students. I now feel I have some great ideas to try with them."
— Linda

"I cannot even name how many ideas I got from reading others posts. I think that was my favorite part of the class. The discussion forums not only gave me some great new ideas but made me feel less crazy. I am glad to know other people struggle with similar issues or feel the same way about certain topics."
— Mary

Online Learning Consortium award recipient.