Frequently Asked Questions: Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsement

What is the Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsement?

The Perkins-Roman CVI Range® Endorsement is a process to evaluate whether you can demonstrate competency in administering the CVI Range.

Please note:  The CVI Range is an "instrument used to perform a functional vision assessment...and is constructed with a specific purpose in mind:  to determine the degree of impact or extent of effect, of CVI" (Roman-Lantzy, 2018).  This assessment tool is but one of many that should be included when assessing a child with a visual impairment.  As per IDEA, educational teams "must use a variety of assessment tools and strategies to gather relevant functional, developmental, and academic information about the child that may assist in determining whether the child is a child with a disability and the educational needs of the child." (IDEA)

The Perkins-Roman CVI Range (c) Endorsement is not related to your state licensure. 

The CVI Range is in no way a stand-alone assessment for a child with CVI.

Why is Perkins offering the Perkins-Roman CVI Range® Endorsement?

In addition to a number of informal measures and data collection that can be used in a comprehensive process, Perkins believes that the CVI Range® is the only formal educational assessment tool available to assess a child with CVI.

Perkins has determined that demonstrated competency in the CVI Range® is necessary in order to ensure that The Range is appropriately used to provide assessment and intervention for students with CVI.

*Please note:  while Perkins believes that all children with CVI should have an educational team member who has received the Perkins-Roman CVI Endorsement,  this should not replace the teacher of the visually impaired.  A student with visual impairments should always have a TVI on his/her team. 

If I get the Perkins-Roman CVI Range® Endorsement, what does it mean?

The Perkins-Roman CVI Range® Endorsement means that you have demonstrated competency in administering the CVI Range. In other words, you have shown that you can score the Range appropriately for an individual student — given a parent interview and videos of Dr. Roman conducting the assessment. Many individuals have learned about the CVI Range® but have had little practice in using it. In order to obtain the endorsement, you need to have demonstrated experience in scoring the range reliably.

The Perkins-Roman CVI Range (c) Endorsement is not related to your state licensure. 

Where do I go to apply for the Perkins-Roman CVI Range® Endorsement?

Visit our website to apply for the endorsement.

What is the Endorsement Application Process?

  1. Application — the application is really a screening to determine if the applicant has had enough experience to pursue the endorsement. For example, if someone has never administered the CVI Range® they would not pass the application.
  2. Knowledge and Skills Test — this is a test to determine that the applicant has a basic knowledge of CVI.
  3. Assessment of two student videos — you will be provided with two students videos to conduct the CVI Range® Assessment. Each student video is accompanied by a parent interview. You will see Dr. Roman conducting the assessment of the child and will score the child according to your understanding of the CVI Range®.
  4. Submission of 3 recommendation letters — you will be asked to submit 3 letters of recommendation: 1 from a parent, 1 from a professional and the third one is your choice.
    Read more on guidelines for the recommendation letters.

Does the Perkins-Roman CVI Range® Endorsement mean that I am an expert in CVI?

No. It means that you have demonstrated competency in administering the CVI Range®. CVI is a very complex topic and there is much to be learned. However, by obtaining the endorsement, you have shown that you can assess a child appropriately and reliably.

How long does the endorsement last?

The endorsement lasts for five years from the date it was awarded.

How do I renew my endorsement?

When it is time to renew, log into your endorsement account to access the renewal process. Once logged in you will pay the renewal fee ($125) and score two videos using the CVI Range. Once you have scored the videos successfully your endorsement will be renewed.

What are micro-credentials? What is the difference between micro-credentials and the endorsement?

Perkins offers micro-credentials for completing steps of the endorsement as follows:

  • CVI Basics micro-credential is awarded when the Knowledge and Skills test is passed
  • CVI Proficiency micro-credential is awarded when the CVI online or onsite class is completed and passed
  • CVI Assessment micro-credential is awarded when the videos are scored in the passing range

For an individual who is working on the endorsement, micro-credentials are a way of demonstrating that he or she is working toward the endorsement.