2018 CVI Symposium

This workshop was held on Friday, April 13, 2018. 

Speakers were Burju Sari, Dr. Lotfi Merabet, Dr. Christopher Bennett, Dr. Corinna Bauer, Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy, Lindsay Hiller, Dr. Anne Fulton, Ellen Mazel


  • Lessons Learned from a Parent Perspective - Burju Sari
  • A Neuro-Opthalmology Perspective:  The Brain, Current Research and Case Study presentation – Lotfi Merabet, OD, Ph.D., MPH, 
  • Christopher R. Bennett, Ph.D., Corinna Bauer, Ph.D. 
  • Current Best Practices from an Educational Perspective – Christine Roman-Lantzy, Ph.D.  
  • A Formula for Determination of Service Delivery – Lindsay Hillier, M.Ed.
  • Collaborative and Coordinated Care of Children with CVI– Anne Fulton, MD
  • Teaching Strategies for Students with CVI– Ellen Mazel, M.Ed.


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Stay tuned for information about our 2019 symposium, hope to see you there!