Guidelines for Letter of Reference

You will need to submit three letters of recommendation describing your work with children with CVI.  At least one must be from a parent, at least one from a professional (TVI, Administrator, etc.), and the third may be from either.

The following guidelines are offered to be shared with anyone who will be writing a letter of reference for an applicant for The Perkins-Roman CVI Range© Endorsement.  

________ has applied for the Perkins/Roman CVI Range endorsement. Your letter of reference is intended to support the applicant's assertion that he/she has:

  • extensive experience working with children with CVI in all three phases
  • expertise administering The CVI Range  
  • worked extensively with families and other team members
  • demonstrated leadership related to CVI

Please include the following:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your relationship to the applicant
  • Your knowledge of his/her expertise (include specific examples)
  • Reason(s) you support the applicant being awarded this endorsement.