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Sarah Smith

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11426 N. Walnut Street
Kansas City, MO 64155
United States



Degree: B.S./B.Sc.

Throughout my years of teaching, I have served many students with the diagnosis of CVI. The students who I have taught are between the ages of 3-7. Currently, I teach students who are in kindergarten and who will be transitoning to their school district.  Since being a TVI, I have had the opportunity to attend many CVI workshops and conferences in-person and virtually. As the classroom teacher and the TVI, I have the ability to design a classroom and lessons to benefit my students with CVI and to help them learn with specific accommodations. I have also had the responsibility to develop specific goals for each student as well as complete Functional Vision Evaluations that include the CVI Range and a Learning Media Assessment that will support the child and provide information to their educational team. 


I am available to:
  • Provide one time evaluation services and consultation
  • Provide training to an educational team
  • Provide consultation and support to family