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Meryl Berk

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5505 Stresemann Street
San Diego, CA 92122
United States



Vision Consultant
Degree: M.Ed.
 I have tried many interventions and materials for children with CVI but they never really targeted the individual child and were hard to use in the context of a young child's daily life.  The CVI Range has given me a much better way of assessing where a child is and tailoring intervention for that child and family.  I still struggle a bit with helping families make the adaptations without "practicing" or "testing" their child's vision. I've had one or 2 children who are at the very beginning of phase 3.  It concerns me that most TVIs are not actively looking at children with CVI through a different lens. I have been writing reports based on the CVI Range to go on to preschool programs with children. I work with other teachers and paraprofessionals in addition to families in creating educatioal interventions, including suggesting and/or making materials.
I am available to:
  • Provide one time evaluation services and consultation
  • Provide training to an educational team