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Laura White

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1903 Arlene
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
United States

7349948100 ext:1537


Teacher Consultant for the Visually Impaired and COMS
Degree: M.A.

I have expertise with CVI started in 2000 when I was working in Livonia as a Teacher Consultant for the Visually Impaired with multiple handicapped students. I adapted environments and gave in-services in those early years. Within the last 15 years I have administrated several CVI ranges to students from 0-26 who are just visually impaired and those with additional disabilities. Many of these students were in phase 1. However, at the current time, I have 5 students who are in phase 2. I also have worked with students in phase 3 in both in the elementary and middle schools. Recently, I have developed "Framework" for staff and parents using the Individual Complexity Profile, task and environment rating guide and schedule recording form. I have given presentations annual in our local district staff and parents. I have also worked with parents and staff understand their child unique CVI characteristics I have been asked to present by Michigan Department of Education on CVI .

I am available to:
  • Provide ongoing, direct service to a child with CVI within 50 miles of my home address
  • Provide ongoing consultation and technical assistance to an educational team working with a child with CVI
  • Provide one time evaluation services and consultation
  • Provide training to an educational team
  • Provide consultation and support to family
  • I am willing to travel