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Kathy Buclous

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2506 Wigwam Road
Aliquippa, PA 15001
United States



Teacher of Visually Impaired
Degree: M.Ed.
I have worked at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children for 26 years in a variety of positions. Initially, I was hired to work as a research assistant. As I worked in this department my curiousity for continuing my education in the field of special education grew. I completed my M.Ed. In Vision Studies in 2000. One particular class and instructor stood out to me. I had the privilege of taking Dr. Roman's course on  Cortical Vision Impiarment. She shared with the class her enuthiasm, vast knowledge, and ongoing research  with the class.  After completing my M.Ed. In Vision Studies I continued at the school as a TVI  also worked in Early Intervention for 10 years. Both during my time at the school and working children in early intervention, the effectiveness of program planning guided by the CVI Range has been noteworthy. I am currently part of the Outreach department at WPSBC which provides itinerant vision services in western Pennsylavnia.
I am available to:
  • Provide ongoing, direct service to a child with CVI within 50 miles of my home address
  • Provide ongoing consultation and technical assistance to an educational team working with a child with CVI
  • Provide one time evaluation services and consultation
  • Provide training to an educational team
  • Provide consultation and support to family
  • I am willing to travel