Google Classroom using NVDA/JAWS Part 3

Google Classroom is a free service which teachers use to send assignments, communicate with students and to monitor individual student progress. In one month (March - April, 2020) Google Classroom users doubled to over 100 million users as schools began to shut down due to COVID-19. With remote instruction, online classes, and hybrid classes, many students with visual impairments are also using or learning to use Google Classroom to access their coursework - including students who rely on NVDA or JAWS.

Google Classroom Using NVDA/JAWS Part 2

This video tutorial series provides step-by-step instruction on how to navigate and use Google Classroom with NVDA or JAWS. In the Part 1: Google Classroom post, April Bahl (SixDotMath) shared:

  • Video 1: How to Join a Classroom
  • Video 2: Classroom Overview
  • Video 3: Dealing with Pop-Ups
  • Video 4: Classroom Dashboard

This post will share the next three videos, covering the three tabs in a class: Stream Tab, Classwork Tab and the Class People Tab.

iOS 14 and Phone Calls


Are you having trouble answering your phone with the iOS 14 update? Several people have asked about an 'issue' related to not being able to answer a phone call. They reported that the answer screen does not always pop up in iOS 14 unless your screen is locked.

Reason for Change

iOS 14 has a new default screen that takes up less space on the screen; the phone call appears in a banner at the top of the screen instead of taking up the full screen. It is designed to enable you to keep looking at the app you are currently using while answering your phone.

How Does a Virtual Conference Work?

For me, state, regional and international conferences are all about networking with old friends and meeting new folks in the vision field, listening to innovating presenters, and checking out cutting-edge technology. Participating in a session and then chatting about the session afterwards with like-minding colleagues - is priceless! Sitting down to discuss issues, share ideas and brainstorm solutions is - almost - as important to me as sitting in the sessions. So how does this networking piece factor into a virtual conference? 

Teams Tip: Efficient Navigation in Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of several popular learning platforms students and vision professionals are learning to use to learn and interact together in a virtual/remote format.  For individuals who use screen reading software like NVDA and JAWS on Windows Computers, the desktop application (not the online Office 365 version) is accessible through keystrokes and commands.

Using Blackboard Ally with Low Vision

This semester, I noticed a new tool within my online classes called Blackboard Ally that could transform the way that I access materials as a student with low vision that fluctuates frequently. I've been using Blackboard Ally for about a week and a half now, and while it may not be completely perfect, it has helped me tremendously with saving time so that I can focus on my classwork, and not on dealing with technology. Here is how I am using Blackboard Ally with low vision, and how students can use the tool with their favorite assistive technology.

How Remote Learning is Causing Visual Fatigue

As many of our students with low vision are adjusting to online learning, it is becoming more and more apparent that the screen time is causing some eye strain. Many parents and TVIs are wondering why this is happening. After all, the student has been using the device all year and not had a problem. This article will attempt to explain why and provide some possible solutions. 

Accessibyte Arcade: FutureBot

FutureBot is a machine who loves asking bizarre questions to calculate your future. The thing is, he isn’t very good at it. But we admire his passion for calculating futures and decided to let him join Accessibyte Arcade. This is a game focused on funny fun. 

[Video Description: The Video below has an animated robot "face" with rotating gears for eyes, mouth with clashing teeth and robotic hands that move. The question and answer choices are displayed in print below the robot.]


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