Where Did That Paycheck Go?

By Susan LoFranco on Apr 24, 2017

  • Lesson on pluses and minuses. Use one item to represent positive and one negative. Use one side of board to add and one to subtract. Discuss how credits can be positive items and debits can be negative and what happens when we add and subtract each.


  • Review vocabulary with student: debit, credit, positive, negative, plus, minus, checkbook, register, purchase, deposit, paycheck, 
  • Brainstorm with the student the importance of keeping track of their money - to assist you can use "MoneyMatters Worksheet" to help jumpstart the conversation.  (If this lesson is one on one have the student write the answers using the media of choice in bullet format, if the lesson is being done with a class make a list on chart paper or on a whiteboard)
  • If the student needs help coming up with ideas of why it is important to keep track of money the first 4 minutes of "I Love Lucy - The Business Manager" gives very concrete examples.  Use the following link to access the YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIf008L1lu0
  • Using the "Check Register Sample" worksheet review with the students the different components of a check register. 
  • After the student understands the components of the check register complete the "Addition and Subtraction Practice" Sheet using the students choice of media.   As needed the student can use a calculator, math window, brailler, abacus, Perkins Brailler, or pencil and paper to complete the worksheet.  
  • Provided the student is confident with addition and subtraction have the student complete the "Check Register Worksheet" completing the Register and determining the balance in the checking account after paying the bills using the students media of choice.  
  • After the student has completed the "Check Register Worksheet" discuss the benefits and the problems that might occur by keeping or not keeping track of bills in a check register.  The student should complete a list using his/her media of choice.  

money handling collage



  • This is a good opportunity to practice the skill of check writing and completing a deposit ticket with the student
  • Extensions can be made by taking a trip to the bank, exploring the ATM machine, and meeting with a bank manager
  • Extensions can be made that investigate the cost of rent, telephone, electric, television, transportation and food
  • Some people keep a check register electronically.  Attached is an Excel spreadsheet "Check Register Spreadsheet" which can be used if the student is familiar with Excel.  
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