Using a Function Table to Determine Time and Distance Travelled

By Susan LoFranco on Apr 24, 2017

  • Given a function table containing at least 2 complete ordered pairs, identify a missing number that completes another ordered pair (limited to linear functions).
  • Ability to read and analyze graphs and function tables 


  • Bold lined or raised graph paper
  • Markers, dots, tape  and straight edge to connect dots

time vs. distance chartpractice function table


  • Review with student vocabulary: input, output, function, variable
  • Review with student the concept of the function table.  An abstract example of a function table would be a soda machine.  The student puts one dollar into the machine, pushes the cola button, then the cola is dispensed.   Ask the student to determine how many cola cans would come out if two dollars were put in the machine.  
  • Brainstorm with student other types of relationships that could form of function table; examples include hours worked vs pay per hour or cost of an item vs. number of items purchased.
  • With the student complete the Practice Function Table Worksheet using the student's media of choice.
  • If the student is confident, have him/her independently completed te Time vs. Distance Function Table Worksheet along with the Graphs using the student's media of choice.

function tables collage


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