Translate (Slide) that Polygon

By Susan LoFranco on Apr 24, 2017

  • Recognize translations of shapes.
  • Find the objects in the environment that are translations.  
  • Orientation on 4 quadrant graph paper.  Quadrant one (x/y positive/positive), Quadrant two (x/y, negative/positive),  Quadrant three (x/y negative/negative), Quadrant four (x/y positive/negative). 


Race to Earth Game  Coordinate Cards


Space_craft_template  Translation_worksheet




Vocabulary: translate, horizontal, vertical, coordinate grid

  • Review with student what it means to translate or slide a polygon on the coordinate grid. 
  • With the student using the Translation Worksheet find the polygon and record, using the student's media of choice, the coordinates of the polygon.
  • Slide (translate) the polygon by the following points (2,4). 
  1. Have the student choose one point to start the slide (translation)
  2. Move the point 2 units along the x axis
  3. Move the point 4 units along the y axis
  4. Mark the new point
  5. Continue until all three points have been translated
  6. Connect the three points
  • If the student is confident, have them then slide (translate) the same figure by the following points (-3, -2) or once again work with the student to slide the polygon.
  • When the student is confident, begin playing the game "Race to Earth". 

Race to earth


Translate Polygon collage



Translating a polygon on the coordinate plane


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