Timeline for Anne

By BeckySHoffman on Nov 26, 2012

Following our reading of Anne of Green Gables abridged version, students were asked to put into chronological order six events that happened to Anne in the book.  Once the students had the events in the correct order, they were asked to make a tactual timeline.  The timeline included the events, a key, a line, and numbers in both print and braille.  Three dimensional markers were used to post the events on the actual line.


  • Braille writer
  • print label maker
  • sticky back foam strip
  • double-sided adhesive mounting squares
  • construction paper 11 x 17
  • colored push pens
  • black or contrasting color marker for those students who print  


After reading Anne of Green Gables, have students sequence six predetermined events in Anne's life.  Once the events are in chronological order, have students braille or print the events.  Also have the students braille/print or make labels for the numbers one through six.  Give each of the students a piece of construction paper and a pre-measured strip of sticky back foam.  Fold the paper in half top to bottom.  Give verbal or written/braille instructions as to where each part of the timeline is to be positioned on the page (such as in the upper right hand corner or below the foam strip). Have the students assemble the timeline with or without help from staff depending on the level of each student.      


With some student, have them locate places on the page as you help assemble the timeline.  You could also add small switches or buttons under each number that when pressed will tell the events. You could use the timeline for many other stories or activities that are meaningful to your students. You could add dates to the timeline to work on higher math skills.  
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