Taking Your Child Out to Eat!

By Perkins eLearning on Oct 27, 2014

Do Some Research 

  • Choose an accessible restaurant 
  • Search online for menus and make choices in advance 
  • Ask for braille menu at the restaurant 

Plan Well

If your child is sensitive to noise or bright lights, choose a time when the restaurant won't be crowded.

Exercising Good Manners 

  • Roleplay at home 
  • Set the expectations beforehand 
  • Develop non-invasive cues to maintain in-the-moment manners 

Eating with Confidence 

  • Choose easy to eat foods (finger foods, foods that do not require cutting) 
  • Don’t be afraid to bring adaptive equipment (rocker knife, weighted spoon) 
  • Provide child with a description of the table and its contents 
adapted bowl with fruit

Fostering Independence 

  • Encourage your child to communicate with hostess/host and wait staff 
  • Include your child in decision making 
  • Encourage your child to try new things 
dining out with visually impaired collage