Reflections - Teacher and Student Face Off

By Susan LoFranco on Apr 24, 2017

  • Recognize reflections
  • Find objects in the environment that are reflections


  • Understand reflections, or a mirror image, in order to experiment and explain the results
  • Orientation on 4 quadrant graph paper.  Quadrant one (x/y positive/positive), Quadrant two (x/y, negative/positive),  Quadrant three (x/y negative/negative), Quadrant four (x/y positive/negative). 


  • Four Quadrant Graph Paper either bold or raise lined
  • Dots, High Definition Markers, Tape or Wikki Stix to connect coordinates
  • Reflections 1 Worksheet (with answer sheet for teacher)   
  • Reflections 2 Worksheet - for Student Independent Work
  • Ruler or Straight Edge to connect coordinates
  • Computer for watching YouTube Video 
  • Teacher/Student Reflections of Lucy and Harpo Script

Reflections 1 Worksheet

reflection worksheet clip 1

Reflections 1 Answer Sheet

Reflection 1 Answer Sheet

Reflections 2 Worksheet

Reflection 2 Worksheet clip

Student / Teacher Reflections on Lucy & Harpo

Teacher/Student Reflections of Lucy and Harpo Script

Template is on APH bold lined graph paper product number 1-04063-00.  This is 0.5 in square.  


Vocabulary: reflection, quadrants, line of reflection, 

  • Start a discussion with student about what a is meant by mirror image - how it is a reflected image that appears duplicated but is reversed.
  • View with your student the YouTube video Reflections on a Different Time - Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx
  • After watching the video you will be acting out parts of the video with your student.  
  • Explain how since you will be facing each other every action taken by the student will be a reflection of what the teacher does. You should practice the steps before trying to do it as a Reflection.  (See attached  "Teacher/Student Reflections of Lucy and Harpo Script")   It is a shortened version of the video.  
  • After practicing try to do the script in unison - as a mirror image or reflection.  
  • The scripted activity can be done again as the student needs require.  
  • When you have completed the skit activity explain that you are going to take what you know about reflections and work with graph paper to reflect and figure over both the Y-Axis (line of reflection) and X-Axis (line of reflection) to create a reflection of that image.  
  • Use the Reflectons 1 Worksheet for this activity. 
  • The figure on the Reflections 1 Worksheet sits in Quadrant 2 and will be refelcted into Quadrant 1.
  • dog drinking water and seeing his reflectionAsk the student to identify one point on the figure to start the reflection.  Together count how many spaces that point sits along the x-axis and y-axis.
  • Count the same number of spaces along the x-axis and y-axis in Quadrant 1.  
  • Using dots or markers note the position.
  • Continue through the remaining three points until all points have been reflected.
  • Connect the points using either tape or ruler/markers.
  • Do one more reflection together, this time over the X-Axis (line of reflection) into Quadrant 4.  
  • If the student is confident he/she should complete the refelction into Quadrant 3 independently, otherwise offer assistance as needed. 
  • The Reflections 2 Worksheet is an independent activity for additional practice or can be used as homework.     


reflections collage



Harpo and Lucy on I Love Lucy episode



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