Play the Transformation Game

By Susan LoFranco on Apr 24, 2017

  • Use shapes that can be picked up and placed on top of each other.

This lesson includes a game for two or more people.

sample shapes






  • Knowledge of the four quadrants on a coordinate plane and how they are labelled.  

spinner template


instructions for practice worksheets

practice worksheetshape template


  • Review vocabulary with student: congruent, translation, rotation, reflection, transformation, clockwise, counter clockwise, Quadrants 1,2,4 and 4.  
  • Using Practice Worksheet and Instructions together with the student to rotate, translate and reflect the object on the Practice Worksheet.  
  • If the student has difficulty with any or all of the transformations then refer to previous lessons "Translate (slide) that polygon", "Rotations - O&M Meets Math", or "Reflections - Teacher and Student Face Off" for more practice.  
  • If the student is confident then go on to play the "Transformation Game" 
  • The assessment will be the Graph Sheets complete by the students while playing the "Transformation Game." 

transformation game

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